Access professional support and talking therapy.  
In our Therapy Centre or online


more than
300 million people suffer
from depression and anxiety

UK NHS research 

has found that online counselling and remote therapy is as effective as visiting a counsellor or therapist face to face. 

Our team

The Sofalive Platform is the brainchild and passion of its Founders and has been realised after many years of silent development.  Fired with the belief that each one of us is unique and deserve to live free from the constraints of confusion and mental anguish, the aim is to be effective in reducing the escalating reality that is devastating so many lives.

The Sofalive Online Platform has been developed to connect qualified professionals and those seeking help.

Emma Wallen

Founder, Director & Clinical Development Manager

MNCS Accredited
MBACP Registrant
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Emma is a Psychotherapist and Counsellor. She has clinical experience  in Private Practice and the UK NHS sector and her combined skills and passion to offer support to as many people as possible, has prompted the development of Sofalive where clients can access in-person and online support.

Lauren Bacchus

Founder, Director & Business Development Manager

Teacher (Cert Education)
Regression Therapist
Life Coach/Motivational Speaker
Intuitive Counsellor/Writer

Lauren is a former Head teacher with over twenty years of business management under her belt.  The combination of her professional skills, intuitive ability, and many years of experience in motivating others to recognise the profound power they have, have combined to develop the Sofalive Online Platform and Sofalive Centre.


Are you considering
in-person counselling?

If you are, there are many benefits.

Effective counselling reduces confusion allowing you to see your thoughts from a different perspective.  It allows you time to process and confront feelings that would normally be pushed down. 

It can help you make effective decisions that lead to positive changes in your attitude and/or behaviour. 

If you’re a couple you get the benefit of a neutral party so both sides can air their feelings and viewpoint.

At the Sofalive Centre you can access  counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who cover a range of skills.  Among them you’re sure to find a therapist that’s right for you whether you want short term or ongoing counselling.  We provide counselling for individuals, couples or family groups. 

The Sofalive Centre offers private therapy rooms where you can have confidential discussions with your therapist.

The range of therapy services we provide at the Sofalive Centre are as follows:

Low Cost Counselling
Private Therapy 
Generalised Anxiety
Addiction Counselling
Anger Management Therapy
Couples Counselling
Child & Adolescent Counselling
Bereavement Counselling
LGBT+ Counselling 
Sex & Relationship Therapy

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Online Counselling

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Two options available


on your phone or mobile


on any device

Same day or PreBook in Advance

x15 minute Session      £14.99 +VAT   
x30 minute session       £23.99 +VAT   
 x60 minute session        £42.99 +VAT     

How it works


Stay in Control

A 15-minute session will give you an opportunity to check the Counsellor is right for you. 

Both happy? you can be confident to book ongoing therapy sessions.  Not happy? Choose again.

Just a few simple steps to connect…

See who’s available on the live feed and check out their profile

Want to book?...

Complete the sign up form to use the Platform
Click on the counsellors profile and select the available date and time you’d like

Select the number of minutes you want
Select whether you want a phone or live video session

Pay using our secure PayPal payment system.

What happens next?...


Same Day You’ll receive an email confirmation giving you the time, duration of your reading and the direct link to input your telephone/mobile number to connect you to your counsellor at the time booked.

Pre-Book Same as above but you’ll also receive an email reminder with your direct link, one hour before your booking.

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