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Have you found your unique purpose and success to share with the world? 


If you haven’t, it’s there you know…it’s the dream and purpose you mightn’t think you could ever fulfil. 

It’s the silent niggle that won’t go away and makes you wish it could be true. 

It’s the silent desire you wish you had the confidence to pursue; the desire that you might worry you can’t achieve yet the feeling won’t go away and even if you don’t realise it, it’s definitely nothing you should be depressed about as this article will show.

Don’t overlook the niggle… It’s your Intuition niggling you to be a success!


Whether you know it or not, like our instinct, we all have intuition and your intuition will keep tapping away trying to remind you of your potential.  It’s there to show you the seed of your purpose here on Earth and it wants what’s best for you so depression and anxiety can be removed from your life.  

Your intuition wants you to achieve success and all you can in the relatively short time you have to achieve your dreams or a version of your dream. All you have to do is acknowledge it’s there and that possibility is always around the corner.  Tending to and nurturing the seed of your purpose just requires your attention and belief that the seed can grow and bloom because it belongs to you and you are worth it.

Don’t let success pass you by.


perfect your skill

Don’t let your dream and your purpose become your regret; the ‘if only’ you carry in your thoughts that can eventually turn to depression.  Whilst you have life and breath, there’s also hope and your dreams can always be modified to suit your circumstances so you still achieve success. 

What’s the best way to achieve your dream purpose and your success?


Make a firm stance to remove any anxiety associated with your potential failure by acknowledging that the success of achieving your dream will always rely on you making a realistic assessment of your potential.

Let’s look at some examples: 

You want to be a famous footballer but you can’t run fast, you have to practise sprinting  regularly until you’ve increased your speed.  If no matter how hard you practise your speed and skill isn’t improving, don’t be disheartened or depressed, how about training to be a Referee or forming your own team, or training youngsters to be their best at football.

You want to be a Manager in your Firm, you must fine tune your people skills and be ready to lead fairly and by example.  You realise you have to be a good team player to be able to be an effective Manager.  If you aren’t successful, don’t be disheartened or depressed how about applying to another Firm who will value your potential or re-train or add to your qualifications. 

You want to be an opera singer but you sing country & western, you’ll need to take lessons to develop your voice and range.  If you’re not successful, don’t be disheartened or depressed how about learning to perfect and love your country & western singing voice knowing it brings joy to many.

 You want to be rich but you are always thinking that you’re poor, you’ll need to change your mindset by being grateful for the many riches there will undoubtedly be in your life that has nothing to do with money.  Instead of being disheartened or depressed realise that you are so powerful that your mindset will create your reality… that’s why you may be poor and not rich.

So you’ve perfected your skill and mindset what’s needed to succeed?


build your future

When you know you have the skill and ability to achieve your dream and you change your mindset to believe it’s achievable, don’t procrastinate, get started on making it happen.  The longer you wait, the greater the fear and anxiety can grow and the harder it will be to get moving. 

Take baby steps if need be, but start! …each step no matter how anxious or scary it feels, will strengthen you and take you to your goal and your success.

It’s also smart to be prepared and ready to accept that there WILL be challenges and you may even hit some brick walls.  This is not meant to be where you allow your anxiety to flare up because these challenges and walls aren’t there to stop you and make you depressed …they’re there to encourage you to grow more powerful as you overcome them. 

If you hit a wall, it is to allow you the opportunity to change direction and find a more effective and better route to your goal.  Remember the Universe has your back …and your intuition won’t let you down… I wants your success!

All that said, there will be days when things may seem like they’re slipping away and failure looms and depression comes knocking at the door, but succumbing and letting it in isn’t the answer…being flexible is …Go with the flow, don’t fight the brick wall it’ll hurt your knuckles! 

From the get go, formulate a back up plan for how you’ll deal with hardships when things go wrong.  Yes…things going wrong is  part of the success and how you become an expert, and you want to be an expert, right?

Questioning your dream of success or haven’t a clue about your purpose?



Don’t stress! …Your unique purpose can, but doesn’t have to make you lots of money.  It can, but doesn’t mean you have to become a famous President, CEO or A-Lister but what it can do is that when you’re living your unique purpose, it can guarantee that the riches you’ll gain will be so phenomenal, that no amount of money could buy them.

Never downplay your importance.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to allow our anxiety to turn to depression as we tell ourselves we’re not good enough and don’t have an important role or purpose in life and one thing’s for sure, we’ll always find someone out there who’ll remind us of what we think we lack.  But contrary to what we may feel we lack, it’s worth stressing that our importance even if our dream and purpose isn’t about worldly status or wealth, is far from unimportant!

It’s one of the biggest mistakes we can make to disregard how important we are in this world because we’re not JK Rowling or Oprah Winfrey or some other successful him or her. 

Each one of us matters and the most profound, effectual and lasting purpose and success of our lives can be found in the simpler things we often take for granted and deny. 

There’s power, purpose and success in just being happy and making people laugh; there’s power, purpose and success in being an ear that’s always willing to listen, there’s power, purpose and success in being a fantastic cook, inspiring with your words, your talents, your skills, to name a few examples.


The power in your unique purpose is what you purposely do and know will bring support and happiness to yourself and others as you travel through life.

This is the greatest success you can ever achieve.


Once found it will fill your heart with gratitude, peace, power and LOVE…all the things that once owned can’t be taken from you ever, and that’s a priceless achievement and success none of us should miss!

Remember no-one takes their mansion, their car or yacht, their stash of money, their status or their talent when they pass on, but what we leave is how we had made people feel!



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