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Are you a qualified, counsellor,
psychotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist?

Are you a qualified

Counsellor, Psychotherapist,
Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

Do you hold

a current membership or accreditation from NCS, BPS, BACP, UKCP or another official and regulated awarding body?

Do you want to

work freelance on the Sofalive Online Platform which will provide phone and live video sessions to clients?

Yes? Sofalive would like to consider you.

The Sofalive Online Platform is being developed to satisfy the growing number of people requiring counselling therapy.  Many are still suffering in silence and worried about going out to see a Talking Therapist and we understand this, so we’re committed to providing an effective platform from which clients can access support from the privacy of home, or from wherever they happen to be.

Freelance business

You will work and run your freelance business from the comfort of your home with no extra costs of advertising or paying rent. We do not enforce a minimum time but naturally the more you work the more you earn.

You decide your hours

When you are accepted to use the Online Platform, you will have your own Booking page where you can decide when and how long you will be available to work. You’ll also be able manage your availability in any given calendar month and see your current and projected earnings.

Interested in joining?

To join you will need to have an active membership with NCS, BACP, BCP, UKCP or another UK official and regulated awarding body and Public Indemnity Insurance .

You will conduct sessions by phone or live video at home or from wherever you choose.

There are no set hours as you will be using the Sofalive Platform to build your own freelance business whether part time (fitting into whatever you currently do) or full time.

If you chose to devote the time to your Online Private Practice and you engaged in sessions equivalent to x5 hours per day, x5 days in the week you could earn £3,000 per month.

Naturally that figure could be more or less depending on you. The Sofalive Online Platform will be extensively marketed, so all you’d need to do is log on as available as often as you can.  This will enable you to build up your client base and fill your booking calendar based on your availability.  

Want to find out more and become one of the first Providers on the Sofalive Online Platform?

Read our FAQs, fill out the application and you’ll be on your way to joining this new and exciting counselling provision that will soon become one of the largest online platforms globally.

One of our team will check your application and if everything’s ok we will send you your log in details for access to your dashboard where details of everything you’ll need to know will be found.

You must be registered with one or more of the following:  NCS, BACP, BCP, UKCP or another official and regulated awarding body.

You must be registered with one or more of the following:  NCS, BACP, BCP, UKCP or another official and regulated awarding body.

Students not yet qualified are unable to qualify to use the Sofalive Platform.

Students who are qualified and registered with NCS, BACP, UKCP are eligible to use the Platform.


£7.50  15 minute session

£15.00  30 minute session

£30.00  60 minute session

How much you can earn will depend on a number of factors.  Primarily it’s based on the relationships you build and the number of hours you’re available to work.  If you wanted to make this your main income and you had sessions equivalent to 5 hours per day x5 days per week you could earn £3,000 per month. 

You will receive your fees on the last day of each calendar month calculated up to the 24th of each month.

You receive fees for the time you have been booked and completed a session provided the client was not reimbursed because of a reasonable complaint.

No.  You will not be an employee, agent or representative of Sofalive Limited.

No. It’s the main perk of you being self-employed.  There are no set amount of hours that you must complete.  Counsellors manage their own online private practice. Whether you are using our Platform as a means of subsidising your income or using it as a full time occupation, is up to you.

No, there are no costs associated with using the Platform.

The User chooses and decides based on the Counsellor bio and profile, who they want to work with.

The most effective way to acquire clients is to log on regularly for the Same Day Service. Your profile will show  up on the live feed allowing Users to select you.

(Whilst completely up to the User, we suggest new Users book a fifteen-minute session.  If satisfactory this connection should encourage pre-bookings for ongoing therapy. )

All Counsellors using the Sofalive Platform must be clinically qualified to provide mental health treatment, meeting all requirements by the professional body in which they practice. All Counsellors must also have indemnity and liability insurance coverage and provide proof of such.

Communication is conducted two ways: By phone or live video chat.

Yes.  Our system allows for both mobile or landline calls.

Once accepted to use the Sofalive Platform you will be given your Unique Pin to access your own dashboard where everything you need to use the platform will be available.

Want to access Clients on the Sofalive Platform?

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch

Developing a Low Cost or Private Practice at the Sofalive Centre

If you have existing clients, or are looking to create your own Private Practice as a Low Cost and/or Private Therapist, the Sofalive Centre could be the right place to do it.  Situated in Streatham, South West London and on a busy trunk road with excellent public transport links, we are perfectly placed to market the Sofalive Centre and promote the services of the counsellors who work with us. 

Finding professional therapy space to rent without big overheads can be difficult.  At the Sofalive Centre we offer affordable, consulting rooms and a fully manned reception service Monday to Friday (9:00am – 8:00pm and Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm. 

Once you join us, we will add your profile and photo on our website, and you will also have the benefit of joining our Referral Scheme which will be an effective way to grow your client base. 

If you’re interested in joining the Sofalive Centre team, check out our room rentals prices below , contact us via the form or  call us on 0208 017 9644


Monthly Room Rental

We provide, cosy, comfortable, well-kept rooms for you to provide therapeutic work with individuals, couples and small family groups.

You can hire therapy rooms from 8:30am – 7:30pm weekdays, 9:00am – 5:45pm on Saturday and 9:00am-1:15 on Sunday.  There will be a fully manned reception service to warmly greet your clients.


Monday to Sunday
£ 96 Monthly
  • (x2 hours per week)


Monday to Friday evenings
£ 112 Monthly
  • (x2 hours per week)

The process for hiring a therapy room is as follows:

• Complete and submit the form (link below)
• The Practice Manager will contact you to arrange a visit, discuss terms and agree a start date.  (If there is no availability at your preferred time we will put you on the waiting list.)
• You complete the Agreement form and pay an £80 deposit to secure the therapy room. * (Refundable when you no longer require the room.)
• After the Agreement is signed we will send you a link to upload your photograph so we can add your details to our website, and if you’ve joined our Referral Scheme, we’ll begin referring clients to you.

Interested in hiring
a Therapy room?

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch

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